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Android expands market share

Google Android OS

Android, the smartphone operating system from Google, has seen its global market share rise to 25.5%, from 3.5% in the same quarter last year.

According to Gartner, the size of the global smartphone market rose 95%, with 2010 third quarter sales rising from 41m to 80.5m. Nokia continues to see its market share eroded by both Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android OS, with total share down 8% to 36.6%. Apple also experienced a decrease in share, by -0.4%, even though iPhone sales grew by 91%.

Android has now replaced Research in Motion(RIM) to become the world’s second most popular smartphone operating system, behind Nokia’s Symbian, with Apple also now surpassing RIM in North America.

In the report Gartner also noted that it expects to see the expansion of Apple’s iOS platform to the iPad translate into the technology giant grabbing more market share.  It states that while Android is increasingly available on media tablets and media players like the Galaxy Player, it lags far behind iOS’s multi-device presence. Apple claims it is activating around 275,000 iOS (iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch) devices per day on average.

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Posted by on November 23rd, 2010

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