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Apparatjik collaborate with fans for new album

Apparatjik - Kensaltown Studios

Everybody is one bar.
Apparatjik (which features members from Coldplay, a-ha, and Mew) have taken a new approach to the next release of their upcoming album, ‘Square Peg In A Round Hole’. On November 11th (11.11.11), they released an initial draft of the 12-track album which Aspire embedded into Issue A of the ‘Apparatjik World’ iPad magazine.

Apparatjik has been subsequently releasing 10 weekly crowd-produced “drafts” of the album, featuring new edits and musical input from strangers. The final “version” will then become the official album, taking the best of each version’s musical seasonings, to be released sometime in February.


Cabin Recording Session:


Martin and Mags Gearing up for Combat Discoings:
Apparatjik - Combat Disco


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