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Love Is In My Blood – Elton John AIDS Foundation


Aspire have worked alongside the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Mother to launch the charity’s new brand identity online. It marks 20 years since the charity was started and to coincide with this milestone a social media campaign, Love Is In My Blood, was launched by the Foundation to heighten the global conversation around their aim of winning the fight against AIDS.


loveisinmyblood - landing page


The campaign is the first digital iteration of the new identity and launched to coincide with the international day of love; Valentine’s Day.  Sir Elton John, Adele, Annie Lennox, Eminem, plus many other artists and supporters showed their love by pricking their fingers to create a spot of blood, tweeting their image alongside words supporting the cause, and in linking to the Elton John AIDS Foundation website. To date the campaign was seen by over 76million people on Twitter and a further 26million people on Facebook.


loveisinmyblood - tweet feed


The Foundation’s website was redesigned by Aspire to promote the new brand identity, campaign and social conversation.  The campaign hash tag #loveisinmyblood featured prominently alongside a live Twitter feed, a unique YouTube installation created by renowned artist Ai Weiwei, and bespoke designs commissioned by illustrators: James Joyce, Damien Poulain, Ryan Todd, Adam Hayes, Tane Williams and Melvin Galapon as well as a unique scarf designed by either Mateus Bailon or by Michael Taylor and donated by L’MAD.


Love is in my blood - illustrated boxes


Learn about the work of the Elton John AIDS Foundation and how you can help to make an AIDS free future at

Read our Elton John AIDS Foundation website case study


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