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Apparatjik is an art/music movement from Guy Berryman (Coldplay), Magne Furuholmen (a-ha), Jonas Bjerre (Mew), and producer Martin Terefe.

Apparatjik challenge the Aspire team with the need for more and more outlandish concepts and creative approaches to the bands online presence.

Aspire has worked with Apparatjik since the band's inception on various projects.

Apparatjik held their first live performance in Berlin, performing inside a specially constructed cube on February 1st, 2010.

Aspire produced the artwork for their debut album: 'We Are Here' along with singles 'Electric Eye' and 'Four can keep a secret if three of them are dead'. This Included: USB sticks, album packaging, posters, 7" vinyl, iTunes booklet, limited edition bolshevik box and screensaver.

Podcasts created by Jonas Bjerre were distributed and setup through iTunes, social networks and the bands website to reach as many fans as possible.

The DVD titled 'You Are There' was designed and produced by Aspire, and was included with the physical release of the album.

Aspire provides design and marketing services to the band along with web design and construction of the band's main domain names.

Social network sites are also setup and styled by Aspire. This includes, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, iLike and Vimeo.

If you are curious about the album, it is available on iTunes and the band's online store theoutland.com.

Free tracks are also available after sign up at eyeoncommittee.com.

apparatjik's job is to ask aspire on a regular basis to think up the unimaginable and do the impossible. to see in the dark, regiment our chaos, and turn our babble into absolute mindless babble.

all this while doing the cha-cha on tables in pink pants with stacks of dinner-plates on their heads. without them apparatjik would probably be called 'apparatjik minus aspire'.

on a good day they break every rule in the book. on a bad day they are world class. they do not aspire to be a great company, they ARE a great company.
Magne A - Apparatjik

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