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Gatehouse Group

Gatehouse help people and organisations improve communications, realising their goals, embedding their strategies and bringing their values to life.

Together with their sister company, Gasp Events, they work in the UK and globally and serve clients spanning most sectors, private and public.

Gatehouse was such a great divergence from the original site, and a pleasure to work on for that reason. The satisfaction of turning around a website and delivering both on the design and management system was tangible.

One of the most important part of the site was the preservation of its Google ranking and ensuring that the site would benefit from both a better architecture and from bringing on board the founder Lee Smiths blog.

We needed to create the site on an existing content management system, and have that same system power their sister site Gasp! Events stored on a different website.

At the same time we had to create a totally new way of dealing with images as backgrounds.

This may sound like a simple thing, but we have as yet to come across a similar solution without the use of Flash. The design called for the whole background to be one single inane, and to scale to the correct window size, without strecthing.

This proved to be one of the most intricate issues on the site, and we where very proud of our solution.

Aspire were amazing to work with on this project. We've worked with many companies in the past but none quite like Aspire. We found their team extremely easy to communicate with and felt they understood our business and business needs. Lee Smith - Director

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