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Rareform Branding

Rareform is a highly successful design company based in Shoreditch, London.

They speciliase in branding and print design and have worked with clients such as Barclays, Ernst & Young, Tate, Avanti and many more.

Aspire worked closely with Rareform's design team to build their new website, along with their various sub sites such as the blog, newsletter and forum sections.

This was a great project to work on, as even though we were not direct involved in the design process, Rareform are more than generous with their time, and asked our advice about almost all stages of the design process, to ensure that they never created anything that was either impossible or unintuitive.

Having Rareform both trust our judgement, but also challenge our ability was key to the project, it meant they where able to create an easily usable site, with elements that really stood out above their competition.

One of the real complexities of this project, especially due to both the size and the multi domain nature, was the content management. This needed to be both easily accessible, and understood, and require no programming knowledge at all.

Rareform also required the ability to monitor and adjust the search engine optimization, and meta data for each page.

This project was thoroughly enjoyable to work on, and provided endless challenges to overcome, which is always one of the most satisfying parts of any job.

Aspire were a great asset to us, delivering not only great technical advice and consultancy on technical issues and amazing build abilities, but also for advice beyond this, showing great knowledge and acumen within the web development arena. Joe Hedges - Owner

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