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Sacha Skarbek

Sacha Skarbek is a Grammy nominated and two time Ivor Novello award winning producer.

Sacha has worked with the likes of Adele, Duffy, Joss Stone, James Blunt, The Pussycat Dolls and many more.

We were thrilled to be asked by Sacha to design and devleop his website with him, as at the time, his work was unmissable, with artists like James Blunt seeing their albums go multi-platinum.

We went through nearly five design concepts before we were finally set on the look and feel of the site, and then set about constructing the framework of the website, using animated elements and a single page design.

What we finally created for Sacha was an inspring brand identity and design, and a fun to use website, that was updatable and easy to use.

Aspire created a unique discography section which can switched from records view to list view. The styling of the website ties in with Sacha's love of the great outdoors and a huge par of antlers above his mixing desk.

We felt it was time to get a website to display the artists we have been working after all these years but also to document our work.

Aspire came up with a great solution to display everything we needed. We love the visuals and layout especially the list of albums we have worked on.
Sacha Skarbek - Producer