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The Elton John AIDS Foundation launch ‘Branded’ campaign for worlds AIDS day

The Elton John AIDS Foundation launch ‘Branded’ campaign for World’s AIDS day (December 1st). The Elton John AIDS Foundation is trying to promote the treatment of school children in Tanzania. In co-ordination with Aspire the charity has launched a new campaign on their website to take donations in order to tackle the stigma attached to children who are HIV positive.

From the Elton John AIDS Foundation website:

In Tanzania, many primary school students are forced to wear red badges sewn on their uniform denoting their HIV positive status.

When children are asked why they wear the badges, they reply, “it is because I am sick”. When asked what their sickness is, they say “I do not know”.  AIDS is not in their vocabulary.

To donate to the cause or just to read up on the issue please head on over to their website here.


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