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iPhone and iPad Apps

As the uptake of smartphones rise rapidly and their associated app platforms develop, new opportunities are evolving to connect with your audience, anywhere, anytime.

Increasingly people are turning to their smartphones to access news, maintain social relationships, and for advice, from recipes to locality services.

The benefits of developing an app are that you are more accessible to your audience regardless of their connection to the internet. Apps can download fresh content when user's have access to 3G and wireless networks, and allow them to browse your content, often during their daily unconnected moments, such as on the underground, in a taxi and at the airport. An second advantage over solely relying on a website is that Apps keep your company on the

forefront of the minds of users, as your App sits on the users smartphone desktop.

Aspire develop Apps for the iPhone and iPad platforms, from design, through to, server support. We are Apple approved developers and avidly stay abreast of all the latest App technology and service developments.

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