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Mobile Websites

The emergence of smart phones and the ability to stay connected worldwide 24/7 raises the importance of content delivery. Customers' needs for usability and quick access to information are often overlooked across mobile devices.

Users become frustrated easily when presented with poorly considered mobile websites, resulting in defection to competitors who have considered the mobile user experience across all touchpoints.

Customers are constantly updating their mobile devices, and yet the concept of targeting these users online seems to be overlooked by most. Google have stated that mobile browsing will be more important than desktop browsing within three years, and now rank sites against different criteria, such as page size, compared to its desktop search. So when setting out a website design, and considering your target market, it's now integral to the overall success of a digital presence, to consider the importance of optimising your site for the smart phone market.

As a business you can't rely on the optimisation of a desktop targeted website to deliver content effectively to devices like the iPhone or iPad. Creating a micro-site targeted specifically for each smart phone allows you to deliver the content you need to users in the shortest possible time with the most effective usability.

One of the most important parts of creating a smart phone site is the load time, an obvious issue due to the reliance on wireless connections. To ensure data is delivered quickly it is imperative to create a site with a small footprint. This issue is one for both design and development teams to come together on, as it requires both parties to be aware of the potential and restrictions of smart phone development; from issues of size and scale, to speed and usability.

At Aspire we are constantly aware of the design implications of smart phone development, and are able to navigate adding to overheads, processing or size, to provide the benefits to our clients sites.

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