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User Interface Design

Don't be overlooked in the maelstrom of iPhone and iPad apps by forgetting the importance of design.

The prevalence of apps in Apples' App Store means its not enough to create an app, have an amazing idea and submit it to the store, someone out there will have had the idea and beaten you to it.

The defining factor of an app is going to move toward design in the next year at most.

It's far too easy to believe you have a great idea and build the app to go with it, but without both the overall design and user interface to back it up, you stand to sink beneath the surface and never be heard of again.

One of the most obvious example of good design is Jamie's 20 Minute meals, which has seen huge success on the store, and has done well for both obvious reasons, but also because the app itself has been carefully considered and has a great user interface.

It's fun to use, the graphics and interesting and work really well with the photography, it ticks all the design boxes.

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